sticker shock?

the cost of living here is really quite interesting.

  • Gas 0.5 $/gal
  • Water 1 $/gal
  • Cheese 5-15$/lb

EVERYTHING is available here- same stuff, same brands (I found the real cheeses at the deli section of the grocery stores!). There are a few differences though:

  • The packaging tends to be slightly smaller (food servings at restaurants are larger though)
  • Breakfast aisles are 2/3 full of various types of cornflakes. I cannot imagine why the country likes cornflakes that much
  • Everything has a shorter shelf-life
  • Most larger grocery stores (hyper panda, geant, carrefour) carry non-food stuffs. They’re a lot like Wegmans.
  • Safeways (Tamimi) are identical to the ones in the US
  • The meat section also carries camel meat
  • The dairy section has a whole aisle dedicated to various forms of feta cheese and yogurt
  • There are a lot fewer convenience type stuff- like pre-cut veggies etc. I think this is because many/most women dont work so they have the time to doing all the chopping themselves or alternatively, they have maids so they dont hafta do any chopping/cooking stuff themselves anyway
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