The general rumor is that women will be allowed to drive by the end of this year. It is unclear if it will actually happen however the story goes that the royals are in favor of it and have been working on the clerics for years- apparently they have just about worn down the protests of the clerics and it should happen soon. Let’s see…

As for the traffic- it’s like most crazy, big cities. It’s quite aggressive and people change lanes out of habit rather than need- think of Karachi except with high speeds. What’s unusual is that it’s not self-organizing. For example, in Islamabad, a 3 lane highway will actually have 4 lanes of traffic as drivers optimize the usage of the space available. Here, a 3 lane highway will have between 2and 4 cars at any given time. Unpredictability is added by cars making left turns from the far right, 4 lanes over!! I guess once you know that it is the norm it stops being an issue.

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