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In Singapore being called a consultant can sometimes be an insult. Part of the problem are the big name companies with the “prestigious” reputations that often employ people who talk big but deliver very little. They come with attitudes, they assume that they know more, they cannot be critiqued and often tend to look down on the people they are supposed to be helping. They generate lots of reports with very generic and fluffy content. It’s actually a compliment to be told that “you’re not like the usual consultants we deal with.”

Career consultants are the same here in terms of all the bad baggage they bring to the table with an added flaw of often being racist.

The biggest offenders tend to be the brits and the yanks who assume that they are god’s gift to the planet and are above all accountablity. This is not meant to malign all consultants out there, as many genuinely want to help and are not racist, but certainly the variety that I have come across here leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I think part of the problem are people who are here just for the money and do not have actual industry experience; yet they insist that because they have a history with big firms they must know best. Telling people what to do without actually knowing what it takes to make it happen is a recipe for disaster since real world company operations are far far different from academic statements made on paper.

Many trees lose their lives in the service of LOONG documents and reports these guys generate. Somehow they tend to think that long equals quality.

Have you come across a Career Consultant sometime in your life?

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