Dr Mona Abul-Fadl passed away

Dr Mona Abul-Fadl

Dr Mona Abul-Fadl

Dr Mona passed away today after more than 2 years of battling breast cancer. She was sweet, gentle and lived in her own world. She gave genuine hugs when she met you, not those polite, shallow ones that people give out of courtesy. She held your hand when she spoke with you.

An author and professor, she lived for her research on women, Islam and the Tawhidi episteme. She called her husband “TJ”, he called her “Mun-mun”. When she called he would interrupt his lecture and answer the cell phone.

She loved her plants and worried when she left them in the care of her husband. She didn’t let many people drive her car but she trusted hubby to do so. She did not like visiting people at their homes very much but still came to ours for dinner. She was extremely possessive about her books but still lent them to us. She was a private person who did not like people intruding in her personal space.

She was proud of her mother’s legacy and strove to preserve the memory of the incomparable Zahra Abedin.

She was traumatized by the US agents who raided her house and held her at gunpoint without even letting her cover under the false charges courtesy of the current administration. She left her country and her teaching when she no longer felt secure in her own home. She taught again in the country of her birth until her health no longer allowed her to do so. She had a passion for her work and a great sense of humor.

She gave up fighting when she could no longer see due to treatment side-effects- if she couldn’t read or write, she had nothing. She passed away oblivious to the world around her, with the sounds of her husband’s Quran recitation in her ear.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajayoon.

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