rites of passage

One of the oddities of getting an iqama (residence permit) for KSA is the medical tests that are mandatory. We had FULL physicals done to satisfy the requirements – and I mean full: 5 diff vials of blood, urine and stool twice, chest x-ray, physical exam. The results were submitted so we could get the visa to get into KSA so the iqama processing could get done.

But here’s the kicker, the medicals have to be done again once over here. Apparently the government does not trust the results coming from any other country and so I was stabbed yet again (only 3 vials this time), gave my samples and got the x-ray done again. Actually the x-ray was done twice since it did not come out right the first time. I think I have had as many x-rays done this year as the rest of my life (with the exception of dental x-rays).

By the way, giving a stool sample here is a very non-dignified affair…enough said.

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