integrity at work

Everyone wants to claim that they are ethical and professional at work however it seems that integrity is still shortchanged. Somehow people assume that integrity can be skipped sometimes without tarnishing their own self image. One only has to look as far as the global economy to see some of the consequences of lack of integrity. Here are some things (minor and major) that happen at workplaces:

  • Using office resources for personal use like printing, photocopying, staples, clips etc
  • Using office time for personal affairs- this “theft” can be directly translated into money
  • Choosing contractors and partners based on personal relations rather than merit
  • Choosing contractors based on kickbacks that one gets
  • Not auditing/checking people who are “off-track”, thus becoming an accomplice
  • Nepotism
  • Hiring people based on personal relations rather than merit
  • Over-hiring of staff (friends) to give them “opportunities” at the expense of the company
  • Having bloated budgets and high costs based not on organizational needs but personal interests
  • Lying, cheating
  • Scapegoating
  • Misinformation
  • Deception through withholding of information
  • Using organization to cover personal expenses
  • Having “favored” employees
  • Protecting “favored” employees even when they mess up
  • Deals under the table
  • Racism

I’ll continue this list over time. Please let me know if there are other things that YOU have experienced that should be on here.

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