riyadh women bloggers meet-up

A few days ago there was a small meeting of women bloggers in Riyadh . I finally had the opportunity to meet SaudiwomanAmericanBedu, as well as a journalist. It was fun to actually meet the humans behind the words, and certainly very educational for me.

I have to admit, Saudiwoman is the first “real” saudi woman I have interacted with and I learned things that left my mind reeling. I’ll be writing about them in future posts. My previous interactions have been exclusively with Saudi men, almost all from hubby’s work (their wives tend not to come to any home events) or expats married to Saudis.

Thank you Saudiwoman for organizing the event. I think we need to have many more of these.


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  1. you are welcome and thank you for taking the time to come. I really enjoyed meeting you. I hope we do it again soon.

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