no arabic for women

I’ve just spent close to two hours trying to find out about the King Saud University Arabic program. There’s no problem for men, I even have the name and cell phone number for the male instructor. The KSU Arabic language division stopped having evening classes for women and have moved them to the College of Applied Studies and Community Service. Calling that number takes you into an endless loop right before the VM hangs up on you with a screech.

It takes less time to sign up for an arabic program in Egypt than it takes to get any info on classes for women here. The other option is a tutor however the last lady I talked to charged more than getting an Arabic tutor in the US- go figure!

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  1. I think that WAMY offer Arabic classes for women but I’m not sure.

  2. I tried calling WAMY, no response. I also tried The Institute of Teaching Arabic in Riyadh (ITAR) at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University but no one answered there either. I’ll keep trying. I’ve tried 4-5 other language schools, they only teach english. I’ve put out feelers for tutors but it’ll take a few days to get a response (if any).

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