stuck in a rut

Considering the wealth and resources that KSA possesses, one often wonders why the country is not light years ahead of where it is currently. A few of the larger issues that seem to be holding the country back are:

  • lack of systems- they’re either broken, archaic, or not enforced
  • complacency- people live life in a daze, ok with the status quo, with limited ambitions and zest for achievement
  • arrogance- the ethnic hierarchies, racism, gender inequality and sheer arrogance is astounding
  • education- not only are their insufficient resources for studies, there is a lack of emphasis on the value of education
  • tussle between religion and politics

On the other hand, there are plenty of things that can be capitalized on for improvement:

  • political stability- this might be surprising to many but monarchies (constitutional monarchies at least) are more stable in this region than any of the so claimed democracies. I’ll post some of my earlier research on this topic sometime
  • resource availability- given the short to medium term dependence on oil within the global markets, there is no danger of lack of finances. On the human side there is a huge untapped supply of potential employees (women!)
  • control and constituents- the population here revers the monarchy and are wiling to follow the royal decrees. This is akin to China and the control it held over its population some 10-15years ago and provides an almost “prefect” environment for implementing gradual change.

Each of these points will be elaborated in future blog posts!

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