Images of Riyadh: Downtown Riyadh

Downtown Riyadh is captured between Makkah Road on the South, King Abdullah Road on the North, King Abdul Aziz Road on the east and the Takhasussi Road on the west.

The main shopping road is Olaya Road, with the southern edge of shopping marked by Faisaliyah Tower and the northern edge marked by Kingdom Tower (Mamlaka)shown below.


The pointy tower is Faisaliyah, the bottle opener is Kingdom. The stretch of road between these two is chock full of designer stores. Each building also has malls inside that are jam packed with designer stores. Mamlaka also has a women’s only floor that is dedicated to high end stuff- Tiffany’s, Prada etc.

The main restaurant streets (Talatheen and Tahlia) run perpendicular (east- west) to the shopping streets.

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