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Saudi nationals are very protective of their King and tend to treat the royalty with a lot of reverence. My disclaimer up front is that I am NOT doing any royal-bashing, I am simply trying to get a handle on the governance structure of this place.

As far as I have found, since the foundation of the modern country, the kingdom has been ruled by the founder, followed by his sons. All the sons are in their 70s to 80s and the remaining members are not very healthy.

What I recently found out was that there is an Allegiance Institute that has been formed in 2006 to decide who will be the next ruler, smoothly.

Saudi kings (you can get a detailed family tree here or on Wiki):

  King: relation Mother rule
1 Abdulaziz al-Saud
founder Sara bint Ahmad al-Kabir bin Muhammad Al Sudayri 1932-1953
2 Saud bin AbdulAziz
son Wadhha bint Muhammad bin Burghush 1953-1964
3 Faisal bin Abdulaziz
son Tarfah bint Abdullah al-Shaikh Abdul-Wahab 1964-1975
4 Khalid bin Abdulaziz
(died of natutal causes)
son Jauhara bint Musa’d Al Saud 1975-1982
5 Fahd bin Abdulaziz
(died of natural causes)
son Hassa bint Ahmad al-Sudairi 1982-2005
6 Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
son Fahda bint Asi al-Shuraim 2005-
7 Crown Prince:
Sultan bin Abdulaziz
son Hassa bint Ahmad al-Sudairi next in line

What is more interesting are the tribal lines and the sheer number of kids that everyone around here knows about and consider you a tad slow if you do not realize they exist 🙂

I was planning on adding the table of the wives and kids of the founding king however the numbers are a little more than I had realized (the count of his kids ranges from 60+ to 90+) and different sources give different info. It’ll try to reconcile the info and it should show up in another post!

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