I received this questionnaire on my blog yesterday. It would be great if everyone could help out. Responses should be sent to n.alrajhi(at)gmx(dot)com


A westerners experience in Saudi Arabia is a research project I’m doing for my ENG writing class as a investigative report at my Uni in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was hoping you can participate in this online interview questionnaire I am doing. So please help me with answering these questions here, I would really appreciate it!

Do you also mind sharing this with some of your expat friends?

Interview Questions (please elaborate and explain):
1. What’s your name? Where are you from? Age, personal status (single, married)?
2. Why are you residing in Saudi Arabia?
3. What compelled you to make that decision and come to KSA?
4. Did you have any fears, reservations and stereotype about Saudi? Do you still have those fears?
5. What are the main difficulties that arose once you arrived?
6. What has been positive about your experience?
7. Do you live in a isolated compound? Why?
8. Do you socialize with Saudi’s?
9. What’s the main lesson you have learned while you are in Saudi?

Thank you for your time!
Add anything you think will be helpful!

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