Types of marriages in Saudi Arabia

Since coming to KSA, my awareness of different types of marriages has increased considerably. Other than normal marriages and the oft-quoted multiple wives (polygyny) there are also misyar, misfar and shigar marriages.

Disclaimer: This post is about marriage as people or news have described it. This does not claim to describe the norm in KSA or any other country of the world

  • Normal- between one man and one woman
  • Polygyny- between one man and up to four women
  • Misyar- between one man and one woman with the woman giving up her right to financial support by the husband
  • Misfar- between one man and one woman done for the sole purpose of allowing the woman to travel outside the country
  • Shigar- one man marrying another man’s daughter or sister in exchange for the other man marrying his daughter or sister.
  • Urfi- an undocumented marriage between one man and one woman (not as common in KSA)

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  1. I understand where people are coming from on this issue.
    I can’t but wonder why so many people ignore THE SCIENTIFIC FACT that humans were meant to live life in harems and that the denial of this arouses most all of our modern day problems.
    If lived in our natural state none of the aforementioned phenomena would exist or precipitate problems amongst us humans.
    take a look at THIS ARTICLE.

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