Divorce in Saudi Arabia

The official divorce rate in KSA is stated to be more than 30% while other sources claim it is upwards of 50%. Despite the variation in reports, this is high by any standard, and especially so considering the conservativeness of society. Something is clearly not working in the society. Mandatory classes are being considered to try to address the issue.

The reasons stated are like any other country in the world. In no particular order, here are some of them:

In an age where people learn about marriage and have expectations based on what they see of their parents (representing a different generation and context) and what they see on TV (representing a different culture and value system), there is an inevitable clash.

Up to a decade ago, KSA was a very closed society and was able to resist change through reference to traditions. In the past decade or so, with the increased access to global media this has become impossible.

Marriage counseling is desperately needed in this environment; pre-marital for prevention (especially focusing on communication and anger management) and also regular counseling to help with marriages in trouble. Additionally, mediation would be a good addition to the court system.

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