Punishment for Gang Rapists- Saudi Style

Saudi Arabia is becoming harsher with punishments for sexual crimes. Last week a teenager was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 500 lashes for black-mailing for threatening to publish a woman’s photos if she did not go out with him.

Two traffic cops were recently beheaded for gang raping an expatriate woman. It is unclear if the sentencing is because the woman is an expatriate or if this is an indication of longer term changes coming to KSA.

Along with more focus on domestic violence cases as well as child rights, changes are slowly creeping in.

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  1. Wow, this makes me feel good about Saudi Arabia (as a woman, of course)!

    Expat 21
    Expat Abroad

  2. Well we can say ,,saudi is still a country where crime rate is less.
    Im other countries it a a normal,women getting raped etc.
    I should say SAUDIA is in control.

  3. The punishment imposed is appropriate seeing as those guys were traffic police! Who can people trust nowdays if law enforcers behave in this disgraceful fashion! Saudi well done!

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