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After 1 year and 17391 visits, “Life thru Dusty Lenses has moved to it’s new home: KhanSerai-a rest stop for netravelers ( The blog will change from being focused solely on life in and around Saudi Arabia, to a more global nature.

Since centuries past, travelers have rested at serais to break their journey. These were places of rest, water, shelter and trade. People from all over broke their journeys and stories were exchanged.

KhanSerai is a 21st century version of the same, a brief respite in our collective journeys.

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Images of Riyadh: MAJOR Dust Storm

This dust storm came super fast. The sky turned dark and yellow within a matter of minutes. Here is the view of Faisaliyah Tower:


The last dust storm:


The normal view:


Here is a view of Olaya Street:


Images of Saudi Arabia: Monkey Crossing

What’s that sign in the distance? Is that really what I think it is?




Monkey watching people watching monkey


Images of Saudi Arabia: Raghbah

Raghbah is an old settlement of Saudi Arabia from 1669. Below are pictures of Raghbah Tower (yes we climbed it!) and the old village. P1220050


Images of Saudi Arabia: Survival of the Fittest

A few lone flowers survive in the cracked, parched ground.

Images of Saudi Arabia: Sunset Over Raghbah

Images of Saudi Arabia: Camel Family