Living in a Desert

Nothing drives home the reality of living in the desert like dryness. Winter is worse than summer in terms of dryness. Skin is dry and flaky, lips are chapped. No amount of lotion or moisturizer seems to be enough. Every morning one wakes up with a parched and hurting throat.

With highs in the 60s (~15-18^C) and lows in the 40s (~5-8^C), heaters are needed once in a while in the evenings/early mornings. This makes the dryness even worse.

Running the humidifier non-stop is unable to raise the moisture levels above a particular level. Opening doors or using the exhaust fans in bathrooms or kitchen makes the humidity level drop immediately.

On the plus side, no open bag of chips, crisps, popcorn, cookies etc ever becomes soggy 🙂