Images of Riyadh: MAJOR Dust Storm

This dust storm came super fast. The sky turned dark and yellow within a matter of minutes. Here is the view of Faisaliyah Tower:


The last dust storm:


The normal view:


Here is a view of Olaya Street:


Images of Riyadh: First Dust Storm of the Season

Faisaliyah Tower in a dust storm/sandstorm. In case you forgot what it looks like normally, the photo is below for comparison.


Fine dust blows into everything, coming in through every crack- windows, doors, air conditioning vents, exhaust vents. Breathing is labored as it gets into your lungs. Land and air visibility is greatly reduced. People wax poetic about shamals, I tend to cough.

Looking up the various types, remember my last post about driving through a sandstorm with intermittent rain? That is officially called a haboob

Images of Riyadh: Faisaliyah Tower in a dust-storm

Visibility and breathing are severely impaired during dust-storms. Below is what it looks like normally.