Images of Riyadh: freshly fried alien babies?

SP_A0097 435px-Alien

These cute lil baby alien look-a-likes are actually hammour (grouper) filets

2009 Gloom & Doom update:batten down the hatches!

In the past months the global economy has become quite sickly. Oil prices are soaring, not because of supply shortages but because of the politics of energy markets and an ever-weakening US dollar. The USD itself is a reflection of the US economy, the ongoing mortgage crises and all its ripple effects.

The mortgage crisis coupled with a credit crisis (US savings rate was negative last year!) is quickly taking us towards a retail sector collapse. Continue reading

sticker shock?

the cost of living here is really quite interesting.

  • Gas 0.5 $/gal
  • Water 1 $/gal
  • Cheese 5-15$/lb

EVERYTHING is available here- same stuff, same brands (I found the real cheeses at the deli section of the grocery stores!). There are a few differences though:

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