2009 Gloom & Doom Update: Protests in Ireland & Latvian Govt Collapse

A few weeks ago, there were reports of protests in Latvia, amongst several other countries (see previous post). Now, the Latvian government has resigned. That makes two governments that have collapsed so far, directly attributable to the economy.

There are now protests in Dublin, Ireland about the economy, and strikes are expected soon.

Let’s see how far the ongoing protests in various countries will go. It is a matter of time before people acknowledge that the recession (2 quarters of negative growth or unemployment increase by 1.5% in 12 months) is actually a depression (GDP declines by more than 10%) in certain countries.

2009 Gloom & Doom Update: Social Unrest in China

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

– Macbeth, Shakespeare

Chinese factories are laying off people as their exports have slowed down. The numbers reported today are 20 million unemployed or about 15% of their workforce. With fewer orders being placed by other countries not as many workers are needed. Chinese cities are seeing reverse migration patterns as unemployed people are returning to villages. Unofficial reports suggest that there are daily demonstrations taking place in the country against the police and government officials as more and more people have fewer and fewer options available.

The government has been offering new graduates civil service jobs in remote areas to reduce unemployment however it is for college graduates and does not address the rural migrant workers.

How long can this continue before the situation will fester into something large and ugly? Without any intervention by the Chinese government the cauldron will bubble over before the second quarter of this year is out

2009 Gloom & Doom Update: Outlook Playing Out- Iceland Govt Collapse

Remember my previous post on what 2009 will look like?  One of the things I had mentioned was growing unrest in Europe.

Yesterday, Iceland’s government collapsed and there are demonstrations across Europe. Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Iceland have all seen protests. France, Germany and United Kingdom have been spared the demonstrations- they are also countries that have invested the most in stimulus packages.

As a reminder of what I had said:

2009 will be a year of despair for many.

The upcoming year is going to be hard on many people. The global financial situation is going to get worse before it gets better. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Everything you save will be needed later. If you have a miserable job, don’t quit yet. If you do not have a job, grab what you can. It will be worse than many of us remember. None of the indicators are pointing towards anything good.

Expect an escalation in crimes like theft. Expect an increase in riots and protests in various Asian hotspots. Expect growing unrest in Europe. North American social welfare systems will get taxed to their breaking point.

Cracks will emerge that will over the next 5 years result in the changing of some national boundaries.

More of these will be playing out as the year progresses.