sanctity of marriage

In today’s crazy world of changing standards, double standards and no standards marriage as an institution has come under “attack”. The following two articles in yesterday’s news made my head spin. Both stories are about the same action, one done for lack of love, and the other one done for the sake of love.

Links to articles and some excerpts:

Who knew Korea had such laws…

Korean adulterer faces jail term

South Korean prosecutors have demanded an 18-month jail term for a popular actress who admitted breaking the country’s strict laws on adultery.

Ok So-ri had sought to overturn the 50-year old legislation, which carries a maximum jail sentence of two years.

She said it was an infringement of human rights and mounted to revenge.

But in October the constitutional court ruled for the fourth time that adultery must remain a crime, saying it was damaging to social order.

Ms Ok has admitted having an affair with a well-known pop singer and her husband, Park Chul, is said to be seeking “a severe sentence”.

‘Loveless marriage’

She blamed her infidelity on a loveless marriage to Mr Park, also an actor, and launched a legal challenge against the adultery law itself.

On the other hand we have this news:

American girl, Arab man get jail and lashes for adultery

JEDDAH – The Summary Court in Jeddah has sentenced a 23-year-old Arab national and an 18-year-old American girl to one year in prison and 100 lashes each after they were convicted of adultery.

The father of the girl reported the relationship to the authorities after his daughter became pregnant.

The father accused the Arab man of intentionally doing so in order to force her parents into letting them get married.

The parents of the girl had previously refused to let their daughter marry the man.

Did the married lady actually think she would find love through a transient affair? Why didn’t she get divorced if her marriage was so horrible?

And on the other hand, what is up with those kids and their parents? How desperate does one have to be to deliberately get pregnant to get married? And is the pregnant girl actually going to get 100 lashes? What was the father thinking when he reported his own daughter?

So many wrongs still don’t add up to a right.