Expiration date

Unfortunately it is not uncommon that food and medicines sold in grocery stores and pharmacies will be past their expiration date. This happens at virtually EVERY outlet either through carelessness or because the stores are trying to make money and do not pull the expired items off the shelves.

As there is virtually no consumer protection around here, it is extremely important that you always check before you make the purchase. Frozen goods should have production and expiration dates printed on them. Canned goods also have expiration dates specifying their shelf life. Special care should be taken with fresh meat and vegetables. Promotional items, especially meat, are highly suspect. One store employee even quietly told us to avoid buying meat at the promo sections as it is almost always past its date.

Remember, your first line of protection against tainted food is always your own vigilance. Take the extra 20 sec and check the expiration dates before you purchase!