Road rage 2

We recently saw a fight on one of the side streets in Riyadh. It was at a small busy intersection in front of a large hospital. The traffic on one side was held up and a crowd had gathered. People were yelling and pushing. We did not see what had caused the altercation but it involved several locals and at least one foreign driver.

Pedestrians were stopping to watch and cars were slowing down. Then a little old lady got annoyed at a car that didn’t stop for her (he was too busy watching the fight) and kicked the car! 🙂 Go Granny!

It reminded me of the little old ladies on buses in Switzerland. If a teenager did not get up to offer them their seat they would give dirty looks, grumble and once in a while shake their umbrellas at the person. Let’s just say they made sure their displeasure was known to the whole bus until the teenager would get up in shame!!


Road rage

Some time ago we saw an incidence of road rage. Some youth were upset at being cut off. People got out of their cars and a small crowd gathered. We were driving in the opposite direction and continued. After an hour or so we drove back along the same route and there were police cars at EVERY block. Traffic was beautiful. It flowed smoothly and everyone followed rules. This is NOT the place to have public outbursts 🙂