Arab music videos

While channel surfing through our free line-up (we do not have cable) I discovered Melody Arabia. I have not seen music videos for more than 15 years (not since high school, with the exception of “fix you” by coldplay on youtube 2 years ago). Let me just say it has been a surprise… no a shock is more like it.

I do not know if these videos actually represent Arab culture in 2008. Some have a great beat, some are funny, but the vast majority are just plain odd. There are a few that have shower scenes, except these are the male singers/actors expressing despair while standing fully clothed under a shower, or sometimes showing water trickling down a hairy shoulder. Do grown men really do this? Who is the target audience of these things?

The majority of Arabs I know have dark eyes and dark hair. In fact the stereotypical “exotic eastern beauty” has dark almond -shaped eyes, olive skin and black hair. So why is it that so many of the female singers have light eyes and light (lightened) hair?

Based on these videos, it would also seem that long hair and two-day stubbly chins are en vogue for men. Which raises the question, how do people continuously maintain a 2-day stubble?