2009 Gloom & Doom Update: Suicide Rates on the Rise

One of the side effects of the worsening global economy and unemployment is the increase in suicides and suicide attempts. The numbers of cases (high profile and of “normal people“) being reported has increased significantly.

Asian economies like South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong have all reported increases and are planning for more. South Korea and Japan are installing blockades for railway tracks so people do not jump in front of trains. Hong Kong has increased the numbers of operators for its suicide hotlines.

The US is also experiencing an increase in calls to suicide hotlines in places like New York,  Tampa, Dallas, Washington DC metro area and California. What is far more worrying is the increase in suicide attempts at universities like the University of California, Santa Barbara. Europe is not spared either with countries like Serbia reporting the highest suicide rates in Europe and 55% of the population shows signs of depression.

The global economy is going to get worse over the upcoming months. If anyone you know is showing signs of depression make sure they get help.

off-topic: Transit

We took off before the election results were declared however our pilot was good enough to keep us updated. He gave us the electoral count right after takeoff and about 30mins later when the results were declared. Nothing quite like staying connected.

Sitting at Heathrow Airport right now, it’s quite amazing to see the actual electoral spread. Obama didn’t just win, he really really WON!! The results were much better than anyone could possibly have imagined.

All the newspapers and TV channels (European ones too) only seem to be covering one news item: Obama! This immense interest in the politics of the US is a testament to the current strength of US and to globalization. The world is ready for change, not just America 🙂


off topic: Go VOTE!!!

vote vote vote

It’s a right that is considered a luxury in many (most?) countries of the world. Exercise your rights. The consequences are profound and impact the WHOLE world.

Obama is speaking in VA right now to a crowd of 90,000+ people.

I’m trying to figure out what time to go to the polls- very early morning or late morning? I have a flight to catch at the end of the day so after lunch is really not an option. I guess I will be watching the early results at the airport.

off topic: election mania

It’s quite interesting to be in the US right now around election time- the campaign frenzy is EVERYWHERE!!

The Obama campaign clearly has more money as we’ve received 4 or 5 mailers and/or postcards (one each day) left at our front door. We’ve had door-to-door campaigners come by 4 times in the past few days telling us to vote Obama. Surprisingly there is NOTHING from the McCain campaign. Obama was in Leesburg last week and will be in Manassas tomorrow. VA is def a battleground state this year!

Makes one wonder how long the lines will be on Tuesday…